Saturday, January 3, 2009

finishing 2008

Here are some of the magnets I made "the boys" for Christmas... They have been Britton's friends since early high school. Some were our groomsmen and now are taking turns being in each others weddings :) (Congrats to Matt and Heather who got engaged on Christmas Eve!!)
I had been saving bottle caps for awhile for the unknown.... I used them to frame 1" circles cut out from some of Britton's old video game magazines. I cut out a bunch and then sorted and picked according to individual interest. I coated the circles in mod poge and then placed them in the bottle caps. I covered them with embossing powder and baked them at 250 degrees until the powder was clear. Then I glued magnets to the back. They turned out cute. I'll have to make more using circles that are cuter :) I already have quilt a few bottle caps from our Christmas party and New Year's Eve. These are Matt's magnets.

I HATE the day after Christmas... I LOVE Christmas and am always sad to move on... :) This year I had a Boxing day present from the Dog we're house sitting for. She totally randomly bit me. It scared me to death and hurt, but we've had more than a week to make up and be friends again, which is probably good. I am still nervous of her in the bedroom (which is where I was when she jumped off the bed and bit me, but my bruise is starting to look better and my arm isn't tender anymore.
We got sushi with some of our friends and then hung out New Years Eve. (We tease some of our friends for making a face in all their pictures on facebook, so we spent a good part of our evening taking pictures trying to make the funny face- obviously I can't do the face)
Here's Kameron and I in a more normal pose.

And Happy New Year!!!! :) I am looking forward to what 2009 brings! (Hopefully at least a new apartment, maybe a 1/2 marathon, a trip to San Fran, skydiving, and my first full size quilt?)

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