Saturday, January 24, 2009


Yes I am insane. I had this idea before Christmas to make Britton's boys something using the pixels from their favorite characters in 8/16 bit video games. (For those of you not married to video game geeks, that means characters from early Nintendo/ Sega games). I plotted them out on graph paper and quickly realized this was not a project that was going to happen before Christmas. So then it became this years birthday presents project. Matt's birthday is January 27 and he loves Sonic the Hedgehog.
I don't know why everyone is celebrating at the end of April but I have 3 significant people in my life born on January 27. I also have quite a few other birthdays to celebrate this month.
I counted and cut 1" squares and used 1/4'' seams. I sewed the squares together in pairs then rows of 6 or 8. Then rows together in pairs and then groups of 6 or 8 rows. It ended up being a HUGE undertaking. :) I think its almost 1,100 squares. I started chain stitching around new years while we were still house sitting. Here are some squares and my lgsm case and my chirstmas lights i refused to put away with the tree. :) (I find the tree putting away one of the most depressing events of the year.)
I think he turned out great though. I hope Matt loves him.


grammy said...

No wonder you guessed Hedge Hog. You had that in your brain. I went to the sight and it looks nothing like my Hedge Hog picture, but that is they way with video games I guess. You were the only one that guessed right (o:

Kelly said...

i cannot believe you sewed that whole thing! i thought it was like a print or something but you are an amazing little sewer and i am so impressed. hopefully who ever elses birthday is on that day will like her present just as much :)

theshellaby's said...

so freaking cute, katie! good job! i am very impressed! you are very talented!

Katie said...

It looks fantastic, but I still think you're crazy! I don't have that much love for my husband's friends :).