Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Kelly Jo!

Happy Happy Birthday to my baby sister. (It was yesterday but I had to wait until she had her present and I had time to post) Here are my wonderful sisters and I at my rehearsal dinner. Kelly is on the left.
Here is she and I being silly a few christmases ago.
Same Christmas, I think - annual line dancing trip.
In honor of my fabulous sister's #21 I made her a clutch out of my In Stitches by Amy Butler book that I got for Christmas. It's a good thing I started this and the pillow before New Years. They both took me a long time. I am satisfied with how it turned out, but not thrilled. The fabric I picked I really like and I think it's totally Kelly. It has pockets for her checkbook, calculator, pens, lipsticks, cards, and cash. My hubby included a new starbucks card for her. (We are addicts)The zipper sticks a little on one side, but I had to install it 5 times, even with help from the expert friend at work. It also has a few rough places but it is cute and I know how do do ruffles, harder zippers, and more pockets, etc.

I hope she likes it. Happy Birthday my dear Kelly!
We have always said when she turned 21 we would go skydiving, so the countdown until sometime this year when we are all together is looming. :)


grammy said...

Brrrr!!! Very sweet post. Love the gift for Kelly. You are always so busy girl.

Katie said...

I salute you! That clutch looks tough! I'd love to try it out myself, it is an intimidating pattern. Great job!