Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow/Ice Fun

So I had a good first day, but the irony of my week is that I only had a first day. We have had a crazy ice storm that most of you have heard about. So I think tomorrow will be my third snow day. :) I am ok with it, but I would really like to be making money so we can move out. Britton had 1/2 of yesterday and all of today too. So it's been nice to hang out.

I finished 2 more sets of chic gloves, one a "commission" :) and one for a girl I love. I am starting a cross stitch project and valentine presents. I need to finish Kristy's pillows and I need to get a pattern figured out for my chairs. I hope you are enjoying winter. I am - It helps me to appreciate all the other seasons. Plus after living in Vegas a little snow is nice. Hope you are all staying warm and safe. I am very grateful that we have power... lots of people here don't.

I think Matt liked his pillow. I am pretty proud of how it turned out.

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